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We have a ‘Dog friendly’ Pod

Our 'Flora' pod is our only dog friendly pod.

DorisWe believe the family dog is just that, a member of the family and deserves a holiday too! We have a Maltese Terrier called Doris and wherever we go...if we possibly can we try to take her with us. We believe that if you have a well-trained, clean and well-behaved dog and want them to join in the family holiday you shouldn't compromise on quality when it comes to your Glamping holiday accommodation. Please bear in mind that the space of a pod is a lot smaller than your average holiday cottage so for this reason we can only accept small dogs. 

We have Pod-rules for our pet guests, but they are just what you would expect in a luxury holiday cottage - such as not being allowed on the sofa's or beds - after all, they wouldn't stay 'luxury' pods for very long if we allowed this.

Dog Charges

There is a small charge of £5 Per Night for each small dog.

Best Behaviour

We are very happy for you to have your pet accompany you on holiday, but it is under the strict understanding that you adhere to our Terms and conditions relating to the acceptance of pets in our pods.

Our pods are beautifully furnished at great expense and are presented in an immaculately clean condition for you and we wish to keep them that way.

We are also respectful of the fact that many of our guests don't have pets, so they don't want to know that a pet may have stayed in the pods before them. For this reason, alongside our house rules for pets, our cleaning standards are incredibly high, so you shouldn't be able to tell a dog has stayed before you.

Our high cleaning standards ensure that guests without dogs can confidently stay in our pods without detecting doggie smells and doggie hairs! However, it would be almost impossible to maintain these high standards if our 'pod rules' for dogs weren't respected, so we appreciate your co-operation and respect for others staying after you.

Terms and Conditions 'Pod rules for pets'

  1. Pets are not permitted on any furniture, ie. sofas and beds - even with covers applied
  2. Pets are never to be left unattended in the pods at any time
  3. The interior and grounds of the property must be left in a clean, undamaged condition
  4. Pets must be clean before entry to the pod.
  5. Your pet must not be permitted to cause any kind of nuisance to the neighbouring properties
  6. Your pet must be at least 1 year old at the time of your holiday.
  8. Dog owners are responsible for clearing up after dog and disposing of dog foul.
  9. DOG BEDS FOR YOUR PET ARE NOT PROVIDED. We strongly suggest you to bring one along with you and lots of extra towels for your dog and not use the towels provided for you.
  10. You must agree to settle costs for any dog foul, chewed damaged furniture in the pods.
  11. We request that guest's flea treat their pet before staying.
  12. Certain breeds of dogs we just cannot accept in accordance with the Dangerous Dog act 1991. Any dog known as a Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa,Dogo Argentino,Fila Braziliero or any dog used for fighting or has the appearance of a dog bred for fighting or has to legally wear a muzzle.

Important Note!

As we've said, we have strict 'pod rules' for dogs, so if you are bringing your pet, before you book a holiday with us please read our 'Pod rules for Pets' Terms and Conditions. Your booking is accepted on the basis of you agreeing to comply with our conditions.

If we find they have been where they shouldn't - ie. The beds or on any furniture - or caused any kind of damage whatsoever or caused us extra cleaning costs, then we will charge you for reinstating the pod and its contents to the condition they were before you arrived. We're sorry if this sounds harsh, but we have to be strict as some guests may abuse our hospitality and let their dogs have free reign over the furniture with no regard for the cleaning and replacement costs incurred after they have left and the limited time we have available to sort these problems out between them departing and new guests arriving.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pods and furnishings and have very high cleaning standards so that guests with or without dogs are not aware that one may have stayed in the property previously.

Doggy welcomeDoggy Welcome Pack

We have put together a small doggy welcome pack for your furry friend just in case you forget anything. We would be grateful if you could please return the items (apart from the dog treats) back to their box on your departure

  • Two dog towels
  • Water and feeding bowl
  • Dog chew treat
  • Spare dog lead
  • Spare poop bags
  • Lint roller

What you need to bring with you

We recommend that you bring plenty of your pet's bedding and towels with you, feeding and water bowls and poop bags, .


  • Dog treats
  • Water and food bowls
  • Dog beds
  • Spare dog leads
  • Doggy disposal bags
  • Supply of pet food for the duration of the holiday

Health and Safety with your Dog

When holidaying with your dog in Clachtoll please remember keep your dog on a lead when near livestock. This is particularly important during the lambing season. Care should be taken near estuaries as there are strong currents and some rivers have hidden, steeply shelving banks which can make it impossible for a dog to get back out of the water, not allowing them to chase migrating birds on the seashore and picking up after them - whether on the beach or out and about.

Dogs we accept

As we mentioned before the space of a pod is a lot smaller than your average holiday cottage so for this reason we are only accept small dogs, as we feel the larger dogs will take up a lot of the pod space up. If you have a larger size dog and would like to come and stay with us, please get in touch as we may be able to come to some arrangement with moving furniture around etc. We don't mean to offend anyone as we are sure your pet is the most precious thing to you but there are certain breeds of dog we cannot accept in accordance with the Dangerous Dog act 1991. Any dog known as a Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero and any dog used for fighting or has the appearance of a dog bred for fighting or has to legally wear a muzzle.

Have Health Issues or not a Dog lover?

We understand that not everyone is a dog lover due to personal taste or because of a severe allergy.

Only the Flora pod allows dogs. Our housekeeping standards are impeccable and we're confident you'll find no trace of any previous dog-guest in our pod, we recognise that for some that is simply not good enough - Our other pod (RULA) where pets are not accepted and has never accepted dogs, so it would be a good option if you really don't like the idea of dogs having stayed in the pod before you.

We find however, that for many allergy sufferers, if a dog has not stayed immediately prior to your stay - that there has been an interval of at least a week - then you may not be affected, so this may be a option for you as it may allow you to stay in our pod with no symptoms. So please call us and we can advise if a dog is scheduled to visit your chosen pod before you.

If you have any queries whatsoever regarding the suitability of our pods for you and your pet, please don't hesitate to call or email us. We're here to help.

louise@the littleabodes.co.uk
01571855283 / 07956639836


Directions to our location:

Take the A9 north out of Inverness, and then the A835 to Ullapool.  Once past Ullapool, take the A837 in the direction of Lochinver.  You will pass Knockan and then come to Ledmore, where you should turn left heading towards Lochinver.  Follow this road to Lochinver. Just before you reach Lochinver, take the single track road on the right signposted Stoer and Drumbeg.

After about 6 miles the road descends to the coast of Clachtoll. Pass the campsite and caravan site on the left and about 150 yards on your left you will see a wooden egg box at the end of our drive. Your are here! Continue up the drive past our house 'Romar' and you find 'The Little Abodes'.